Updated: 30 march 2013

Zenith "Cairelli Roma" from the '1960, caliber 146DP

Period: circa 1960-1970

Produced by Zenith, sold by A. Cairelli Roma to the italian army.
This Zenith is "Tipo2".
It replaced "Tipo1", the same watch, named and produced by Universal Geneve.
The Zenith Cairelli has the 146DP caliber.
It seems this watch was no more up-to-date, and that the A.M.I bought only +- 500 Zenith (Cairelli).
The remaining 2000 ==> 2300 Cairelli were sold to a german compagny, that sold them during the 1985, still nearly new; they do not have the A.M.I + code engraved
This one was used by Italian Air Force, so is marked A.M.I. + 6 digit code
Diameter: 45mm.
The A.M.I. exemplars, like this one are not always in very nice condition, due to militar use.

Zenith Cairelli a collector watch certainly!