Updated: 30 march 2013

Glashutte Tutima 1942

Period: july 1942.

This is a Tutima as the (assymetric) superior pusher is next to the crown; on the opposite, the Hanhart
has the lower pusher next to the crown.
39mm without crown, with 20mm fixed lugs, turning bezel and acrylic glass
The caliber is the Urofa 59, with flyback function. This Tutima was delivered to the Luftwaffe in july 1942 according to the serial number.
Comparing the 1942 original version with a modern (Hanhart) reedition from 2001.
The new one is 42mm diameter, and modern 7760 (non-flyback) is faster than the Urofa59, as you can see looking at the chrono hands of both watches on the picture...

Simple design, no gadget, no logo!

The Flyback Urofa 59

The BIG original crown!

Comparing the caliber speed of original and reedition

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